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I am pleased that you are interested in who is behind the blog. You will find more information about me and my trading on this page.

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Why I write this blog

In my short career as a trader I learned a lot from other traders. It helped me to develop my personal trading style. So I started writing a trading blog in Germany very early to give back my experiences to new traders.

This is now my 3rd trading blog. The first two blogs were German blogs. Especially the second is very successful. But I was not satisfied to write for only German readers. Via social networks I got a lot of feedback from international followers. This is the reason why I decided to create an international blog.

Why trading as blog topic?

Trading has become my main interest. I spend the most of my free time with trading and after the few years I can say that it’s one of my passions.

A passion for me is something you can do the whole day. It will not become boring, you don’t feel the time rushing and you feeling great doing it. That’s the feeling what I feel if I sit on the computer and prepare the trading week.

Trading is a very broad topic. You will not find a similar area where you touch so much different areas, f.e. psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship or physics. These are just a few topics … You will always discovery something new.

There is great book from Daniel Pink called “Drive”. It’s about what motivates us. Daniel Pink wrote that three things are needed for motivation:

  1. Autonomy – Our desire to be self directed.
  2. Mastery – The urge to get better skills.
  3. Purpose – The desire to that has meaning and is important.

Now think about trading. Every of these three things you can find in trading.

What you can expect from this blog

I will spend the most time according to my motto: “Trading is hard work – especially on yourself!” This includes topics like trading psychology and risk management. In addition I will write about my personal trading.

My goal is that you get inspired and learn something for your own trading. You should not blindly copy my trading. Be aware: There is only a right trading approach for you. This is something I must learned, too.

All of my articles are not carved in stone. My thinkings and meanings are changing and developing. So you don’t have a guarantee for timelessness.

Are you trading?

Yes. I am trading stocks, mostly US. My trading approach is almost technical. I always try to stay in a stock as long as it behaves correct. That means it must fulfill my rules.

I am not a Market Wizard but I gained some experience. My goal is that I can trade my approach with less mistakes and free of emotions. Tom Basso said that trading should be like “brushing his tooth”. It must be easy and natural. That’s the state I want to achieve.

How do you start trading?

I was always interested in economics and politics. In my child years and teens I got in touch with money management and stocks, but I did not trade actively.

At the beginning of 20, I bought my first mutual funds. I hold them and didn’t watch them for while. After some time I recognized that I made a good profit. That was the point where my interest started …

I spent more time with mutual funds and made some profits again. But this was just luck. In a later investment I made the experience that the mutual fund was not rising anymore. I thought that the fund manager was making mistakes. Later I found out that the fund manager was not interested to make profits for me, because he was only interested to match his benchmark.

After a while I discovered stocks and certificates (very popular in Germany). I gained some more experience and followed this topics more loosely with more or less success. Then I started to spent more time with individual stocks and technical analysis. I tried a lot of different strategies and made the same mistake as any trader: System hopping. I changed my trading system as soon as I made some losses. At that time I didn’t recognize that you cannot gain experience if you always change your system.

In the last 3 years I joined two mentoring programs. This was the best decision I made. I learned so much and started to fine tune my trading approach.

Are you a full-time trader?

No! I have a main job (product manager) in the ecommerce sector. I don’t have a regular college or high-school graduation. You can see that I don’t have anything that supports my trading career.

Can I contact you?

Of course. I love feedback and my articles are an invitation for discussion. Please feel free to contact me via social media, email or leave a comment.

Publications and presentations

I wrote some articles for the German TRADERS’ magazine. Here is a list of my publications in Germany:

I hold a presentation in the Hamburg Technical Trading Club: