Favorite Trading Books

Here is a list of my trading book tips. Please notice that I do not only read trading books. I also read a lot of books on topics like psychology, motivation, self-help, business and philosophy.

I think that trading is a broad area and you have to read around it. That’s why I suggest other books, too.

If you have suggestions for me or you think that a book is missing, feel free to contact me! I will extend the list regularly.


My Top 5 Trading Books

These are books I suggest for anyone. I read them more than once. The most of them are timeless and available for many years.

[amazon box=”1119371872″]

One of the best trading books I ever read. It shows the fundamental thoughts of trend-followers. A lot of examples and the track records of the famous trend-following CTAs. A must read for all traders.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1118273052″]

Interviews with the most famous traders and hedge-fund managers. The first of the famous market wizards series from Jack Schwager. This book gives you insights into the thinking of the most successful traders of all-time.

Included interviews: Michael Marcus, Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis (Turtle Trader), Paul Tudor Jones, Ed Seykota, Larry Hite, William O’Neil, David Ryan, Marty Schwatz, Mark Weinstein, Dr. Van Tharp.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0471770884″]

This book is a cult. It shows the career of Jesse Livermore, one of the most famous speculators of all-time. The story is great and you get a lot of timeless insights into trading.

There is a lot of wisdom inside this book. I read it many times.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”007147871X”]

If you are new to trading, you have to read this book. It included everything a new trader needs. But it’s also good for traders with more experience. You can learn a lot about trading-systems and their background.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”007174908X”]

This book is your personal trading-coach. It help you with many trading psychology problems. I read it regularly because it is a good mix of psychology and trading.


Books about trading systems and strategies

These trading books are about systems and strategies. This topic is very popular and there are many books available. These books should give you examples of trading strategies. It’s not their job to give you an instant system which you can use. Please note: You have to find a personal strategy for you!

[amazon box=”0071614133″]

Great book about the CANSLIM system. You can learn a lot about momentum stocks and the IBD system. It is a great start to discover the world of momentum.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0965046109″]

This book is inspiring. It shows a lot of different strategies from Linda Raschke and Laurence Connors. Both very successful traders. The strategies are mostly short-term.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1119371872″]

This books shows you how trend-following strategies works. It gives you insight into CTAs, hedge funds and their results. But also in the psychology of trend-following. Great book!

[/amazon] [amazon box=”007147871X”]

This trading book is especially good for beginners. It covers a broad range of trading topics and has a good chapter about systems. If you are new to trading, you have to read it.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”007135980X”]

A lot about backtesting. You learn how to develop successful trading systems. It’s more for experienced traders which will learn more about system development.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1556234686″]

A rare trading book about indicators, backtests and results. You will see that experienced traders wrote this book. But it’s written at the start of the computer age. You will find a lot of good insights for indicators. A great book!

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1592801986″]

This trading book shows a lot of short-term strategies. There are some indicators and candle stick formations carry the name of the author.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0735200661″]

Classical book about chart patterns and indicators. You can use it as offline reference.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0071494715″]

Interesting book about super stocks and their similarities. The cover is more impressive as the content because it repeats a lot from other books.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0470616539″]

Impressive and very good book about trading momentum stocks. You can see how successful traders are working. Very good book for more experienced traders.


Trading psychology books

These books are my favorite trading books. I think that a big part of trading has to do with psychology. It is not only important to read these books, you also have to read other books on psychology.

[amazon box=”0132157578″]

For me this is the best book about trading psychology. You can see that this book is written by a trader.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1118318544″]

Inspiring and exciting book. It is mostly about mindfulness and trading. This can be a good edge for you.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”007174908X”]

Great book about psychology and performance. It’s more a trading coach than a classic book.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0470398566″]

Have not read it yet, but heard a lot of good things about this book. It is on my reading list.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0735201447″]

The second popular book by Mark Douglas. It’s on my reading list.


Trader story books

In these books you will find interviews and life stories from traders. I like these books very much. They give you insight into the thinking processes of a trader. In addition you will find a lot of wisdom and experience.

[amazon box=”1118273052″]

Interviews with the most famous traders and hedge-fund managers. Great insights!

Included interviews: Michael Marcus, Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis (Turtle Trader), Paul Tudor Jones, Ed Seykota, Larry Hite, William O’Neil, David Ryan, Marty Schwatz, Mark Weinstein, Dr. Van Tharp.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0887306675″]

2nd round with top trader interviews. Great interview partners (selection): Bill Lipschutz, William Eckhardt, Stanley Druckenmiller, Victor Sperandeo, Tom Basso, Linda Raschke, Mark Ritchie, Blair Hull, Charles Faulkner.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0066620597″]

3rd round with top trader interviews. The focus is on stock trader. Included interviews: Mark. D. Cook, Mark Minervini, Steve Cohen, Ari Kiev.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0471770884″]

Timeless wisdom from the career of Jesse Livermore. I read the book a lot of times.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1614271690″]

Unbelievable story! Great insights into the trading of Nicolas Darvas. This book inspired a lot of traders and the system is still in use today.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0887309569″]

Very good book about the trading of Marty Schwartz. He was a very successful trader! You get a lot of insight into his trading. Good written and funny.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0071807225″]

Mark Minervini is a real champion. You get a lot of insights into his trading, thinking and life. He is a trader with over 30 years of experience and trades momentum stocks.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0071469796″]

This book gives you deep insights into the trading strategy of Jesse Livermore. It has a lot of fans I read it more than one times … Great book!

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0976932407″]

In this book you can learn how different trader thinks. Very good written and a good read. It is one of my favorites next to the other book from Koteshwar.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”1418486884″]

Here you can learn how trader multiple their accounts. Very good book, great story and deep insights! In my opinion: The best book from Koteshwar.

[/amazon] [amazon box=”0996307923″]

A new book with interviews. The best stock traders are interviewed: Mark Minervini, Dan Zanger, David Ryan. An new: Mark Ritchie II. 130 questions, 4 traders! Great book and must-read!